Andii Skye Rodriguez

My Name Is Jessica But I Go By Andii Since Well I Have Alot Of Friends Named Jessica I Got Andii By My Aunts Name (Andrea, We Look Alike D: ) I Love To Text And I Also Love Hanging Out With My Peeps :D. My Favorite Candy Is Sour Patch Kids Because Their Sour. Sweet. Gone. X3. I LIsten To Bands Such As Black Veil Brides, All That Remains, Avril Lavinge, Pink Floyd, Escape The Fate, And Never Shout Never. I Like To Waste My Time By Doing Random Things :D. Ahaa. I Scream In Random Places Just Because I Don't Care What People Think. I Always Smile, My Motto Is : "Keep On Smiling, Life Can Always Be Worse.". I Am Always At A Concert. I've Never Fallen In Love.... But Hey Im Not Wanting To For A Long Time :D. My Birthday Is September 19th. Age Doesnt Matter XD.

Im In A Band Called Beautiful Disgust, I Know What Your Thinking "What Kind Of Fucking Band Name Is Beautiful Disgust?". Well I Didn't Want To Call It The Pink Puffy Balls, Frankly I Find That Very Disgusting And Quite Perveted ;) XD. So I Was Thinking Of My New Converse Ha Their Beautiful :D XD. So I Though Of The Name Beautiful Disgust. Ahaa, And Plus Girls Find Us Gross And Boys Think Were Beautiful. So Waa Laa :D.

Ohh Okay About Me Just A Little More. I Have A British Accent. Its Only Noticable When I Get Pissed Off D:. Ahaa, No One Wants To Get On My Bad Side. I Am Very Funny, Nice, And Cool. But When Im Mad, I Can Be Your Worst Nightmare Times Infinity :D. Ohh My Favorite Number Is 8... Because When You Turn It Side Ways Its The Infinity Sign. XD. Umm Thats About It :D .

Okayy Well KeepOn Smiling :D

~Andii Skye <3