Andi MaulanaHidayat

I am from desa Paru Keude, one of small village in Aceh, Indonesia. From 1990 since I was born the most things I remember is war. Because my people want the independency state from Republic of Indonesia, and that not only war we fight to be independence, actually my people has been at war in early seventeenth century when reign of the Sultanate ofAceh with Dutch occupation in Malacca Strait. Back on my time while my people fight with Indonesia and by 2005 after the epicenter of the massive 9.0 magnitude earthquake hit Aceh and trigger 10 meter of the tsunami with victim over 200.000 people. Our guerrillas, GAM (Aceh Sumatra Movement) and the Indonesia Government has the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) that initial the start new life to our people to has peace in Aceh. After disaster of war and tsunami by Allah will to my family I have not lost any of them. My family resembled of my father currently working as farmer, my mother working at home, one brother and two beautiful sisters by now all of them are married except for me. For me the most books I read are not about science but it about magic the most known in the world is Harry Potter wrote by JK. Rowling but even sometime I like to read the science book.

When I was in last years of high school, I have thought on what I am going to do after the high school. That time I planned to have the university out of my area, mean out of Aceh, but never thought of study aboard at that time. But, that not happened after the graduation of high school, I am applied on local university and fortunately after the test I got my name on the list of the university who passed the test. I come to the local university only one day of the orientation the new student. By night I got the info of the offer letter form IIUM that my brother applied for me in bachelor of IT. And by tomorrow I stop coming to the local university and thinking of study in IIUM, but I need to wait for 2 month to get IIUM.

By the time I arrived in IIUM it was the wonderful university I will have as it go through my thought. And actually it is, in IIUM I have learnt loads form the simplest thing till the complicated one that I have never seen before. I very interesting in new things, started when my father brought the television to my house. I was very obsessed with cartoon, on weekend always watched the cartoon all day long. That why I like the multimedia technology and choose IT as my course in IIUM,even