Andi Robinson

An inspired 25 year old who is currently writing a novel in a style of a jounal. Chapters like 'Day' 'Becoming One' and 'New Life' becoming more popular as more of the story unfolds before you right in front of your very eyes. Each short story has it own tale. Following lives that are connected somewhat to the previous Chapter.

Andi great sense of style reflect his own uniqueness personality, not comforming to a single style or type but ranges over a large and varied spectrum. Making him both stand out as a fantastic person and a fantastic friend. In all Andi is one of the few goldern people that will make you feel amazing due to his kind heart, amazing warmth, his understanding nature and mostly his great ability to love.

So Andi would like to consider this opportunity to thank you whilst you follow him through the writings of emotional and the joys.