Rebecca Winterburn

North Carolina

28 and a day dreamer. I suffer from lifes invisbles. Just trying to live life through the struggles of a chemical imbalance and trying to put on a brave face on for the world outside my door. I long to be a mother and I have the best support of the worlds best husband in my eyes. Life is happy.. and it is only "mostly" because it only lacks the completion of a family. I blog occasionally and have not found the courage to Vlog yet. But I am on a journey of finding myself and what is really important to me. I have been TTC but, recently being diagnosed with diabetes and trying to manage life with these new twists and turns and always feeling as though there is never a finish line insight. I just keep taking one step at a time. I am learning to come to terms with all my illnesses which enable me to be a victim in my own mind and trying to learn how to brake free of my own inner demons. I keep my friends and family close to my heart!! I am a free-lance make-up artist; my company name is Winterbliss Artistry! I am also a beauty advisor & consultant for Elizabeth Arden. I am excited to see what life has to offer. Wish me luck and baby dust..

  • Work
    • Beauty Advisor for Elizabeth Arden
  • Education
    • Some College