Courtney Ford

Well..I'm ME. I'm a normal strugglin', single mother of two beautiful blonde hair blue eyed youngin'ns Haize 8 and Laila Rae 5 that I call my angel babies. (yeah I see the little red line under the misspelled words that's how I've always wrote my lil stories, believe me, I know how to spell!:) They are my angels for many different reasions, People say that Angels are servants of God with no choice, well that they are..they were brought here by God and myself to save us from the biggest devil in the world and that is DRUGS! I have been down a very long road constantly battling the world and the devil itself just so when my kids are old enough I know that they WILL NOT have any kind of part in it! I know the ends and's out of it ALL..If you think I don't then try me! It's like WOW! I just want a normal life back! You know the kind where you go to work everyday, pick the kids up take them to get a slurpee or milkshake, go home, do your daily chores, watch a show that you rec from the day before (my personal favorite, which I had to watch before my ex came home ELLEN!!) Then wait for "him" to get home dinner time, bath time, bedtime, say our prayers together and just lay with my angels til they are sound asleep. Then do it all over again! Man what a life! Is that really too much to ask for? Especially when my ex who still lives on mommy and daddy's property got the house, car, everything including the dogs and I'm stuck here tryin to find my way to Plant City to sign my kids out of school early just so I know I will have them for the weekend b/c he threatened to take them off to the lake with his lil rich girlfriend...(which btw they are too frightened to speak the truth in front of either because they have been hounded so much) That woman needs to stand her ground and be the woman that she wishes she could be and tell Mr.Thad that them 2 precious kids need their Mama in their life just as much as he needs his..clearly that's a lot to him, he's almost 30 and still lives 100 yds from his! God Bless to all! That's just a short Bio about me!