Ricardo Andorinho

Small Business Owner, Business Development, and Sports Performance in Portugal

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Always hard to talk about yourself. GRAB MY BOOK and YOU will find me!

My driver in LiFE as a human being is directly related with relationships and interactions, positive environments, and pro-active work style. Team work in my arena.

Had the priviledge of having a family that loved me and gave me the suficient confidence to believe in my ideas and work. I am the direct consequence of the education I had, and the education I am purchasing everyday!

30% of performance is based on the quality of people relationships.

Financial reports are the consequence/output of internal team efforts.

Ricardo Andorinho's "Awaken Your Genius" is a renaissance book. It will show how there is a brilliance inside of us all and offers guidance for uncovering it. I heartily endorse it and believe it to be an important part of the fabric of the emerging new paradigm.
—Dave Guerra, Author Superperformance and The Superperforming CEO

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