michael andrade

WordPress Ninja. Development Director, Beehive Media. Technophile. Transhumanist. Renaissance Man about town.

My name is Michael Andrade. I am driven by my passion for solving problems and my deep interest in everything in the cloud. I am turning organizational goals and clients’ dreams into dynamic solutions coalesced with speed, efficiency, and a healthy amount of getting my hands dirty. I like Music, Cooking, and sometimes "Breaking Things" to make them better.

My zeal for solving problems keeps me poised to deliver the best solutions for the most complex projects. While on the New Media team at Telegraph Publishing, Co., the leading newspaper in southern New Hampshire, I helped secured the team’s 2006 NEAPNEA Web Contest Public Service Award for their featured series: Child Care Series and “Fair Share” Property Tax Series. In 2008 and 2009, while working with Accent Imaging in Raleigh, NC, I helped to roll out a complex web solution for servicing the asset maintenance and supply auditing needs of Progress Energy, Inc, a Fortune 500 Company and one of the nation’s largest electric utilities. With over 10 years of in-the-field experience and expertise with WordPress, my evolving skill and passion allow me to deliver solutions that are clean, concise, and scalable.