Andras Peter

Project Manager, Father, and Musician in Budapest, Hungary

Andras Peter

Project Manager, Father, and Musician in Budapest, Hungary

Hi! I'm András, a Leadership professional with 10+ years experience in Shared Services, Inside Sales and Project Management. Please visit my Linkedin for details.

Read what others think about me:

"I am proud to say that I had the chance to be part of Andras' team and work under his management. Andras is the definition of a leader: He is people oriented because he has the charisma to lead, to listen and help one's development, he is a hard worker, fast in decision making and get things done. He was instrumental in my career's evolution at IBM, thanks to him I was able to create my own position in the company develop my skills and fulfill myself." (Yannick Siegel)

"I was immediately impressed by his leadership skills due to a direct communication, positive influence and outstanding competencies. I highly recommend him, he is the man, the role model you need for top level professional jobs." (Vincenzo Chirico)

"András has outstanding work ethic and passion combined with genuine care and empathy makes him a true leader. His charisma inspired a lot of young talents and experienced colleagues. I especially appreciate him supporting the up and coming generations!" (Dóri Ács)

"His hands-on strategy to leadership, project management, process improvement and powerful character won him respect. His performance at IBM was golden." (András Hoffmann)

"Andras is one of the most inspiring leaders I met. His direct focus on people and on their development, with the efforts how he manages to combine and align this with the company's needs, is unique. His energy and drive to make things happen is one of his great talents." (Sándor Szécsi)

"I have rarely seen someone so bright, learning so fast, showing so many energy and motivation like Andras did. I truly recommend Andras, he is very reliable, a person who believes in his capacities, has a team spirit and is highly motivated to reach his and the team's objectives, turning him into a valuable asset to any team." (Tony Conde)

"If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader." András is just like that. He inspires and encourages others by acting in an open, honest and energetic manner. He builds mutual trust easily, acknowledges and appreciates the efforts of others. I admire his communication and presentation skills. He is a charismatic leader, well structured, effective and straightforward." (Anna Schmidt)

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