Andras Fictoor

The Netherlands

In most cases I refer to myself as being a translator and storyteller. From question, problem or idea to; product, solution or creative direction to move forward. Along my professional career I have supported a wide variety of clients ranging from multi-nationals, NGO’s and small businesses both national and international.

With 20 years of experience in the field of communication events, live-productions and shows, music composition, audio production, film and media content creation, offsite experiences, design and directing, I focus on getting to the core of clients’ questions to develop fitting, creative and hands-on solutions. Blending marketing, communication, experiences, design and creativity into one.

Next to my creative heart I enjoy being an entrepreneur. As such I have co-founded three companies in recent years. Each of these companies have their own expertise but all evolve around a clear idea, how to involve an audience. These companies can support me as an independent to enrich the creative solutions I create and execute projects too large to handle as an individual.

With a deep understanding of technology, design tools but most of all how a message is perceived, I create solutions in the broad sense of it’s meaning. I enjoy being challenged and working together with clients and co-creators in close quarters.

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