Andras Krizbai

I'm a suppa skilled designer, a creative thinker & a maniac to details who truly loves all things in design! 3 continents, 10 cities and more than 5.000 miles of drawn lines and 10.000 sq. feet of pixels while I created embassies, luxury retail stores, unique interiors, outstanding exhibit designs & I am a wiz in mac and pc also & won't get stressed when I have to do freehand sketches.

Through my out of the box design methods, I will deliver you the most feasable and yet the most mind blowing result you can get.

My hobbies are sailing with Phoenix, - she is a real beauty - hang out with my family when I am not sailing and following all kinds of sailing events from all around the world.

From Budapest originally, I've been in NYC for 2 years but can work on any place on earth!