Andre Griner

I think outside of the box and I live in one (you should see these South Beach apartments). People always tell me that I love to argue, but that is simply not true (damn, I'm doing it again). It's not arguing that I love, it's exploring all sides of an issue or situation and then determining what feels right. That's how you get to the core of something, by exhausting all possibilites.

I strive to be the essence of the word "persistance". If you tell me no, I am going to come up with 50 reasons why the answer should be yes. If you tell me yes, I am going to make you a believer. That's the kind of cat I am.

I can't say that my life has been easy, but it has been is educational. The struggles I've faced, the people I have met, and the moments that have made up who I am give me a view of things that I would not change for anything. If you have never made a mistake, then you probably haven't done much. I've made plenty of them, some twice, but what I have never done is fail to learn from my mistakes.