Andre Loureiro

Maceio, Brazil


I live in the northeast coast of Brazil and I love to travel around the World.

Currently I am working on a big finantial institution here in Brazil.

It's great and it's full of great ppl but I am working on learning and developing multiple streams of passive income that could allow me to have more free time and consequently, let me explore more of the stuff I am interested.

My real passion right now is on hacking life and my fate. I love to learn everything I can about accelerated learning, business, entrepreneurship, programming languages, statistical data, global and national trends, productivity tools that minimize time expenditure on tasks.

Those are my main interests, as a hobbyist.

As a professional, I am looking to make a livin with digital marketing and producing content on developing passive income and getting things done in a better, more efficient way.

I also love to meet new people who live to learn and have access to skills and techniques I don't yet have.

contact me if you like.

  • Work
    • Banking
  • Education
    • Economics Bachelor