Andre Steffens

Consultant, Designer, and Architect in Foreshore, South Africa

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Thanks for visiting my profile. I grew up in a time when computers did not exist and when putting a man on the moon was one of the greatest achievements of mankind. I wanted to become a minister at a young age, then an astronaut and eventually a scientist. This is probably due to my analytical nature (my wife says that I tend to split hairs... ;). When I arrived at university, I was excited to discover the world of computers and immediately knew that it was the job for me. I have a clear sense of important events in my life, as is illustrated by the first time I met my wife: I immediately knew that she would be my wife (if only I would have half a chance). We have been happily married for more than twenty five years now...I enjoy combining my interpersonal skills with my analytical nature and coming up with solutions to difficult problems. I have a vast range of experience in the IT field and have been involved in Enterprise Architecture (EA) for the last fifteen years and I am very passionate about my job! I enjoy the problem solving aspects of the job and all the challenges the job brings. I also would like to bring more of a strategic planning element into EA, although many of my "business" colleagues see us architects as technologists only :(.I am a born-again child of the Creator from the Bible. Our family have started observing the Sabbath for the last seven years and find it one of the greatest "discoveries" that we have made in our spiritual journey! To rest as the Creator planned it at the creation is truly an amazing experience (and who wouldn't want to rest one day in seven?)!I enjoy interacting with the youth, as they have such a zest for life and view life in Technicolor. My wife and I are trained spiritual counselors and have counselled many of the youth (and others) that God has sent across our path. I enjoy getting to know the Lord though reading His word and recommends reading the Bible to anybody who is willing to do so.I used to run to keep me fit, but in 2010 I was told that I have Plantar Fibromatosis, which means I have "good cancer" growing in my right foot and that I can't run any more. I used to get up early in the morning (about 5am) to go run and it is truly the most beautiful part of the day (except for sundown).I enjoy reading detective and spy novels, although I am spending more-and-more time reading the Bible. Hope to connect with you soon (if I have not done so already ;-).

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    • Shoprite Group of Companies
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    • Stellenbosch University
    • Potchefstroom University for Christian Higher Education
    • University of South Africa