Andrea Burton

North Bay, Ontario, Canada

I was raised in Canada where I travelled with my non-creative family through the heartlands of the middle and western provinces. We eventually settled in a Northern Ontario city. School was difficult because I was a hands on leaner and I was over sensitive to my feelings made life frustrating at times, which is why I eased into the artist community. I was comforted how artists didn't use words to express themselves, but I still remained on the sidelines trying not to draw too much attention to myself.

Concerned that my work didn't carry the enough meaning I continued exploring different medias and techniques. I ended up attending a graphic design program at a local college thanks to a wonderful artist with whom I took drawing classes. There, I fell in love with the meanings behind colour associations, and symbols, which then migrated to an interest in market research, philosophy, and social causes like the aboriginal act, and educational systems. The last of my school days were spent touching up my knowledge in web and mobile applications, and taking on any local jobs so I could practice and work on my skills.

I’ve been a freelance graphic designer and illustrator since 2011, and have worked part-time as a print operator on Vancouver Island. I spent late nights at the shop working desperately to create the best business cards the clients have ever seen, oh and also to get a feel for the fussy printers that would give me a hard time during the day.

I continue to dabble in different hobbies and industries to expand my skills and knowledge, to build my confidence, and inspire my work. On my own time I work on personal projects to polish my skills, and get me away from the computer--less computer time is much better for my health.

  • Work
    • Graphic Design
  • Education
    • Graphic Design Degree
    • Mobile Application Development