Andrea Cook

Instructional Technologist, Student, and Teacher in Kansas City, Missouri

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I got a call from my oldest son who was at a wrestling tournament. There was inclement weather and he wanted me to know that I could watch his matches online instead of braving the elements. I clicked on the link to watch the matches and was amazed. As I watched his matches, I asked myself if this type of technology was being used at his school. I immediately began to research and found out that his school was not using this type of technology. The next week, I got approval from the school's athletic director to create a website to showcase the athletic activities at my son's school. The site became my passion. I began to create videos, add pictures, and write articles for the site. In three short years, the website had over 1 million views and was ranked #62 in the country for high school sports sites.
Two years into my project, I was contacted by a company called Amateur Sports Network to create videos, add writing content, and to take pictures for online high school sports throughout the nation. This took me on an adventure to North and South Dakota State Universities to the Amateur Wrestling National Championships to stream the event online.
I began to spend more time creating videos and websites for Amateur Sports and for schools. I decided to make my passion my profession. I returned to the University of Central Missouri to receive a Master's degree in Educational Technology. I am now the Instructional Technologist for Benjamin Banneker Charter Academy of Technology in Kansas City.

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