Andréa Dizzy

Akron, Ohio

Hi! I'm Andréa, a photographer from Akron, Ohio and I truly am living the dream. Art is my passion in all forms. Over the years I have played around with different media trying to find my comfort zone; sketching, painting, sculpting, writing.... none of it seemed to be "right". Then a friend of mine got me a Nikon for my birthday...we've been inseparable ever since. My ultimate goal is to open a gallery and support community artists with commission free show space and art workshops. I have always heard these stories "I wish I had done this when I was younger" or "I wish I had worked harder to reach my goals". I am not that person. This is my dream: To make and share art with the world while teaching and helping others live their dreams. I do not just wish to better my own art but to be a pillar of support for other artists.

I can regularly be found shooting in zoos and local parks. I've traveled to the Finger Lakes area in New York to Kinzua Bridge in Pennsylvania to Hocking Hills in southern Ohio and many points in between.

I'm a bit of an "everything" photographer. My work has covered many areas including portraits, events, flowers, animals, macros, and more. In addition, I have a few long running "pet projects". One, "The Deconstruction of America" focuses on bringing to light old and decrepit buildings from times past. Another, "The Cemetery Project" is my effort at finding the beauty in cemetery landscapes and headstones. Lastly, my "Macabre Event" project caters to my love of all things Halloween.

I am also a CMM programmer for a Daughter plant of Ford Motor Company. I love what I do... the problem solving of it. I enjoy the manufacturing business. Knowing I am making a piece of something bigger.

  • Work
    • Whispered Images Photography
  • Education
    • Eastlake North High School
    • South University