Andrea Domínguez

Student and Teacher in Valladolid, España

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Hello, my name is Andrea. I am a twenty-three- year- old student and teacher.

I was born and live in Valladolid, Spain.

I live with my mother, my father, my brother and two dogs. I also have a sister, she is living in Japan and she is Spanish teacher at the University.

I am a friendly and responsible person, and also I am also patient, tolerant and emphatetic.

I love travelling, I have travelled to many countries and I really like discovering new things, new food and new people.

I studied Pedagogy in Salamanca University, I finished my degree in 2015. Actually, I am studing to be a teacher in Primary School, I am on the last year of my degree.

I decided to study Primary Education, because I would like to change the way to teach English in Spain.

In adition, I am English teacher in extracurricular activities. I teach small groups, I try to teach them to comunicate in a real world.

I feel confortable in my classes, but I have never had to teach English in a formal context or CLIL.

I am so happy to participate in a telecollaborative exchange, and I would like to interchange many ideas and points of view.