Andrea Edwards

Auckland, New Zealand

For the past six years, Andrea Edwards has worked for the Media and Information Technology department at Spelman College. First as a student in the roles of first a Student Technology Assistance Center (STAC) employee and then graduating to the first Student Technologist at Spelman College. Up until June 2013, Ms. Edwards served as the Instructional Technology Assistant for the Media Information & Technology Division (MIT) at Spelman College. As an Instructional Technology Assistant, Ms. Edwards's responsibilities included facilitating learning management system and technology based workshops for the Spelman College community. In addition, she also assisted with the setup and execution of video and web conferences which connects Spelman College with other institutions and organizations all over the world. While Ms. Edwards has an interest in computer and instructional technology, her passion lays with the natural sciences. As an Environmental Science student at Spelman, Ms. Edwards has had the opportunity to participate in environmental focused research projects both at the College as well as for the US Department of Energy. Ms. Edwards' graduated from American Public University with a Masters in Environmental Policy and Management with a concentration in Global Environmental Management.

She is currently pursuing her PhD in Environmental Science. Her research focuses on understanding the complexities of environmental justice in capitalist-non capitalist relationships.

  • Education
    • B.S. in Environmental Science from Spelman College
    • M.S. in Environmental Policy and Management from APU