Andrea Giovenali


I was born in 1963. I am curious, explorer, innovator, always hungry to learn, and fearful of being bored. I started my career in 1985 in the advertising industry as a media planning specialist - J.W.T., and I served as general manager of Y&R; Media and Mediapolis. In 1995 I fell in love with the Web, I wrote a book about the implication of digital media on the advertising business....and I left it. In late 90's I joined the largest new media agency in Italy called DNM, as the Executive Partner for Strategy and Marketing. In 2000 I founded Nextplora Spa, a market research and marketing consulting agency specialized in digital markets and innovative methodologies, whose I am the Chairman. I own the entire collection of Wired US, and I founded the Italian chapter of IAB. Since I started to work very early, in 2007 I found the time to get a degree in Communication Sciences with honors at the Università Vita-Salute San Raffaele. My passions as a young man were science fiction books, aircraft modeling, hobby electronics, and above all, music, all kinds of music. And stil it is. I founded and served as speaker in commercial radios in the late 70's and early 80's. I love deejaying for my friends at parties, and I hold 18.000 songs in my iTunes library. I love reading, cooking and having good food and wine with friends, but also scuba diving and running alone.

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