Andrea Grych

Educator in Mack, Colorado

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About Andrea Grych (pronounced Gr-rich).

M.A.Ed. in Curriculum and Instruction – Mathematics, B.S. in Software Engineering, A.A. in Business Administration

Teaching Philosophy: The reason one attends college is not only to have the chance of a good job after graduation, but also be able to think and write critically. As an educator, Andrea believes it is her responsibility to create a positive learning environment; one that conveys facts but more important, one that she hopes inspires and ignites curiosity. Andrea also believes that it is important to do whatever it takes to be the best that she can be. She can relate to the challenges of juggling home and school and hopes that each of her students fall back on his or her dedication to improve and use every class as an opportunity for reflection as well as a chance to explore the unknown.

Personal: In 1990, Andrea’s grandfather called and said the Quarter horse he promised her for helping him train the mare in 1987 had been born. So rather than bring the colt cross-country, Andrea paid a horse-shipping company to transport her Thoroughbred, loaded up her mustang (of the vehicle persuasion) with her three cats, and moved from Massachusetts to northern California. Andrea, having to work full-time, attended college in the evenings to start the long journey of obtaining a degree.

A few years after moving to California, the Lord blessed her with a wonderful husband, Paul. After many years of working in various capacities in California, in 1999, Andrea received an offer for a software development position in Phoenix. So she and her husband loaded up their 4-horse trailer with all of their critters, and moved to Arizona.

Andrea managed to continue her education goals – persevering toward the next level degree; however, she had switched to the online platform due to her travel schedule required for her job. Six years later, it was her husband’s turn to ignite a move. Her husband, still a farmer at heart, wanted to help with the family farm (; so they moved to his family’s 120-acre farm in western Colorado.

In her spare time Andrea enjoys riding her mustang (of the equine persuasion). Andrea and her husband are kept busy caring for their children (horses, donkeys, potbelly pigs, pygmy goats,cats, and dogs). Fortunately, her husband is a self-employed small animal veterinarian - so they are able to keep the costs of their ‘child care’ to the lowest possible.