Andrea Guibord

Southeast Michigan

After leaving my university in 1990, I spent more than 15 years working in managerial and executive positions for a variety of non-profit organizations. While the career path that I fell into was challanging and fulfilling, I spent all of my adult life yearning to work in the environmental field.

In September 2010, I bit the bullet and went back to school to achieve this dream. In December 2012, I graduated with a Bachelor of Integrated Studies with an Environmental Biology focus.

During my second career as a student at Ferris State University, I was challenged with several opportunities for growth and experience. Firstly, I was able to do an internship with a local camp which allowed me to delve into the inner workings of a local wetland.

Secondly, I spent a summer working for the Department of Natural Resouces as an outreach coordinator. This experience allowed me to further research one of my strongest passions: the current state of the Great Lakes ecosystems and the effects of varying invasive species on this ecosyestem. Of particular interest to me is the threat posed by grass and bighead carp.

Lastly, I had the tremendous opportunity to work under the guidance of a professor in Ferris State's pharmaceutical research lab as an organic chemistry assistant. I worked as part of a team who synthesized and purified norel PPAR delta/gamma agonists for Type 2 diabetes using solid phase synthesis. This opportunity provided me with tremendous experience in chromatography, separation and TLC plates for various structures. I became the lead Chromatographer, managed the lab and trained incoming students.

I am an innovative, dedicated, hard working, and environmentally conscious. I have an eye for detail, a heart for humanity and the drive and charisma to lead and follow.

My goal is to join a team within an organiation that allows me to utilize my skills to manage and protect our natural resources and to meet many wonderful people along the way.

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General Biology I and II

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    • B.S. Ferris State University