Andrea Martinez

Student, Photographer, and Filmmaker in Brownsville, Texas

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Hello! My name is Andrea Martinez and I am currently enrolled in the communications program at UTRGV. I’m 22 years old. I am looking forward to graduating and doing what I like best, TV production and photography.

Every person has different goals, but everyone is connected by the fact that every objective requires effort in order to complete it. For me, education is very important and opens opportunities for everyone. I am an International Student. I’m from Victoria, Tamaulipas.

I enjoy what I’m studying and my two jobs. I work as a resident assistant at Casa Bella, and as a mentor. Both jobs are giving me the opportunity to work with students daily, and being able to help them gives me a tremendous satisfaction. I believe that if everyone gives a little help to his/her neighbor we can build a better place for us in the future.

In regards about who I am and what I like, this is me:

I’m Mexican, a communications student, a mentor, a resident assistant, a dog lover, a person who enjoys nature and landscapes, a trip lover, a movie addict, and a person who enjoys meeting new people!