Andrea Pizzi

I’m working in the modern manufacturing industry from 17 years, taking part to numerous important changing moments of business and industries.
I gained an important industrial and management expertise in different structured firms with international attitude.

In my experience, some of my roles
• Project Manager (Finance-Op-Tech-Sci)
• Industrial Reorganisation & Business Process Identification
• Production Manager/Plant
• Operations Manager
• Quality & Certifications Manager
• Industrial Executive Consultant
• R&D Manager
• IT Manager
• Private and Public Fund Raising Manager

Some fields my experience has been spent in
• 16+ years in computer science field as senior functional analyst and software developer
• 15+ years in industrial management roles
• 15+ years in ERP systems on market
• 12+ years in the Beverage & Food Packaging , Boxes , Labels , Publishing
• 8 + years in the management of industrial restructuring through IT systems
• 8+ years as Quality Systems Manager and ISO 9001
• 4+ years in the industrial consultancy (Software , Organization , Production , Business)
• 3+ years in the precision mechanics field (Machines , Automotive , Mould , Nuclear , BioMed)
• 2+ years in structural FESR funds management, Executive Projecting, EU Projects
• 1+ years in SAP ERP
• 1+ years in the Robotics

Managed and implemented productive logics "Design to Cost" , "Design for Manufacturing (DFM)"

I am equipped with exceptional skills in developing and implementing strategic and innovative vision of industry and technology .
In addition, I have a proven track record of boosting profitability by optimising production through the leveraging of complex software and efficient business models.

I offer extensive technical and business expertise, building strong partnerships with developers and research centres to drive innovation, as well as experience working with industry leaders in international markets.

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