Andrea Rose

I love stories.

Ever since I was a little girl, sitting at my parent's restaurant, I would be inspired by the stories of the customers surrounding me. I am pretty sure that is when I fell in love with PR, even before knowing what exactly PR was. I didn't realize my love interest in the field, until it was ignited by one of my professors during my sophomore year of college at Indiana State. I then made a darastic change and switched my major from pre med to PR There was no putting out the flame. I was emblazed with passion... the possibilities developing in my brain became endless.

Through contless internships, jobs and many hours of volunteer work, I have developed quite a background in my profesional realm. Now, I am looking to add a new chapter to my story, while helping others get their story heard!

If you want to see where to my story eventually leads, you can continue to follow my blog, facebook page and twitter.