andrea succi

Project Manager and Consultant in Ravenna, Italia

andrea succi

Project Manager and Consultant in Ravenna, Italia

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I am Change Facilitator of Territorial Marketing Strategies on a Participatory Approachat Andrea ,currently living in Ravenna, Italy.

I'm alsoTemporary Manager to Strengthen the Sense of Belonging, Build up theBonus System,Supervise the Generation Change,Professioanl WellBeing Coach,Co-worker and Business Innovator.

My Key Words are:

Integration of Multiple Disciplines


Debate/Exchange/Receptive exchange ?

Emotional Literacy

Relationship and Alliance.

My Charter of Values and Behaviour are:

Work: as freedom, passion and a chance of professional development. It is the ability to get emotional.

Intellectual Honesty: as coherence and integrity. It is the ability to be trustworthy.

Respect: as openness and ability to listen, to tune in with people

My Vision is:

Being a resource/tool in generating the (dramatic) Change of the World, to which I wish to belong.

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