Andrea Campbell

Social Entrepreneur/Author/Linguist/Inventor in London, United Kingdom

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Passionate about empowering vulnerable and disadvantaged people.

I spent the last 10 years running social enterprises - ACT Training to enable people to develop skills and find sustainable employment and Camptys Foundation to support frontline organisations working with disabled individuals who lack access to key resources.

As the mother of a child with learning difficulties I spend a lot of time developing materials to enable her to develop vocabulary and learn to read. This led to the invention of the award-winning Pocket Learner series which enables those with cognitive disability to learn.

An author of two non-fiction books each celebrating my areas of passion - languages and entrepreneurship. I am into proverbs and sayings and in this regard I write an inspirational blog. I worked for many years as an interpreter and translator; I speak Spanish, French and Portuguese in addition to my English mother tongue.

Hoping to meet individuals who love themselves as well as others, enough to want to make a difference.

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