Andrea Carolina

industrial engineer in Cartagena, Colombia

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My name is Andrea Carolina Banquez Blanco, I live in the city of Cartagena, Bolivar, and I am a technologist in industrial production and I am currently graduated from the industrial engineering program. I did academic internship in industrial production at the company LITOGRAFIA LOS ANGELES BLANCOS as production assistant, at the end of the ninth semester and at the beginning of the 10th semester of industrial engineering, I did internship for 6 months at POSTOBON SA in the maintenance department of industrial machinery. I consider myself an integral professional because I have values ​​such as respect, tolerance and responsibility. I am also a creative, innovative person with the ability to adapt to change, work as a team and lead.
I have many future projects regarding my career, within those is to carry out a specialization in quality management, one of my purposes is to be a university teacher to contribute to the society something of my knowledge.