Andrea R. Dulany (Andi)

Andrea R. Dulany (Andi)

I love food, wine and my family. In that order. Kidding.

I started my young career in International Public Relations at Enron Corp, in Houston, TX working with it's Latin American subsidiaries. About a month after 9/11, the demise of Enron began and I never returned to the energy industry. I then used my severance package to purchase my first professional camera, a Nikon F100. Yes. Film. This was the year 2001.

Then, I found myself in the non-profit sector specifically in fund development and special events. I loved it.

Then life happened. My husband and I moved across the pond to London, England with our 3 children. It was lovely.

Back living in Houston now we are raising our 3 children and have a dog, Coco, who we are dog sitting for 2 years while her family is in Australia.

Working on the next move...