Andrea Fahrbach

Hamburg, Germany

Hi, I'm Andrea and I am the one woman behind Gewandfantasien.

Gewandfantasien is about unique wedding dresses, historical dresses and fantasy costumes. You get a real handmade item as I do anything myself, from creating the dresses to all the boring stuff that is behind running a business.

Making dresses for other people is really special, the more if it is a wedding dress. And selling them online and abroad is even more. The best part about it: you can decide how you want your dress to look like! This includes fabric, color, trim and even changes to the pattern like a different kind of sleeve or neckline. If you have a special dress in mind, we can work something out just for you, you are in no way limited to the dresses you see in my shop on etsy.
I know you can't try them on, you can't really see what the fabric and the color is like. I will try to describe everything as best I can and if there is enough time we can talk about sending swatches of fabric for a custom made dress. You will get a chart with pictures where and how to take the right measurements, too.

The kind of dresses I sell is something I am deeply in love with myself. I know how a dress will look like and how it is like to wear it.

  • Work
    • Fashion Designer
  • Education
    • Self Taught
    • History