Andrea Halmy

Leadership Career and Success Coach in Switzerland

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👋 Hi! I am Andrea, Founder of BeYourBest4Success ♥

I love good coffee and I strongly believe in „Think big, and then start with the first step.“ I help you get out of your comfort zone, design your own future, think bigger, and reach your career and business goals with a smile.

What do I enjoy doing?

I am passionate about helping people to design a career, which makes them smile. My goal is to empower more women to strive for leadership positions or start their own business.

I partner with individuals, teams and organizations who want to actively create their future. Are you one of them? Then get in touch. Besides coachings I also run workshops in German, English and French, because I love doing both.

☑ Are you thinking about starting your own business? I help you get clearer on your business idea, and turn your ideas into reality. I help you take the very first step and make sure to keep you on track during the process. Less time wasted and definitely easier than doing it all on your own.

☑ Do you want to be a better leader or prepare yourself for a leadership position? Together we will find out what kind of leader you are, what your strenghts are and find out why what you might consider a weakness is not always really one.

Sounds good?

What else?

I am quite a positive and optimistic person, especially after I had my coffee in the morning. Good coffee is actually crucial as I am definitely not a morning person :) And I don't take myself too serious. I love visiting small cafés, art galleries and photo exhibitions or just being outside enjoying nature. And I love street art. And good food!

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