Andrea Perez

During the past 17 years of my life, I have experienced different changes in scenery and culture. I do not have to tell people where I am from because people can figure out my ethnicity based on my hair, accent and skin color. I always wear a bracelet on my right wrist that is made of leather with some yellow, blue and red thread that is incorporated on top of the leather. The bracelet also has a small piece of leather with my name on it. The yellow, blue and red pieces of thread represent the colors on the Colombian flag. Every time I look down to my wrist, I always remember the amazing memories from Colombia. It reminds me of all the friends, and family members that my family and I left once my dad got an executive job at a company called Cabot in Alpharetta, Georgia. My bracelet helps me feel like I was still in Colombia, running around on the streets with my friends, going to the beach, eating the delicious traditional foods such as arepas and empanadas, drinking freshly brewed 100% Colombian coffee, going to botanical gardens to admire the wonderful fauna and flora and having family gatherings at my grandmother’s house. My bracelet is very important to me because I would feel like I was not truly myself without it since it basically reflects my heritage and culture.