Andrea Reale

Omaha, Nebraska, United States

Thanks for joining me friends!

I'm on a mission and journey to help bring hope and encouragement to women. I’m just like any other woman, with a history and a story, full of joys and trials. I have a strong desire, in my heart, towards sharing my personal story. My intention is to give, share, strengthen and bring light to others.

I recovered from an eating disorder that invaded my life in every aspect. A disease that sneaked into my life, brought on by deep anxiety and depression. The effects of it brought my self worth down so low that I ventured into other addictions such as; abusing alcohol, drugs, and toxic relationships. Ultimately, it was self-destruction. I had no hope. I had no faith. I had no direction. I had no understanding of real love. I was only after false and temporary joys. It wasn't until I surrendered my overhwhelming control that I had on my life, that I finally found...peace.

Join me, as I walk through my journey. The beauty of turning a mess into a message, is something I want to share. We all have a choice. To be free. To be loved.

To live a wholeheartedly healthy life, life that's worth it.

Be Blessed,


  • Work
    • Ministry Leader
  • Education
    • Nursing Degree
    • Health Coach License
    • Personal Trainer License