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Why Choose div-ent Chicago refrigerated warehouse?

A modernistic, state-of-the-art and futuristic cold storage and Warehouse facility sited just southwest near downtown Chicago, Chicago Cold storage warehouse Chicago is uniquely and incomparably qualified, capable and trained to be delegated and assigned with the responsibility of your food goods. Chicago ambient warehouse brings into utilization the very recent hi-tech surveillance and security systems - systems that are unrivalled and unmatched and literally unparalleled than any other cold storage warehouse facility in the country. But that's just taking the first step. Our devotion and adherence to facilitating our patrons and clients is every bit as revolutionary and sophisticated. Whether your prerequisites and demands are as uncomplicated, routine as transitory and interim storage, or includes turn-key packaging, tagging and labeling and transportation/export delivery and logistic orchestration, Chicago 3PL s' professional and seasoned line-up and squad will surpass your anticipation and prediction every step of the way.

• centralize location in downtown Chicago

• Providing all essential warehouse services

• Providing Shipping and receiving services

• Providing A to z and Complete transportation logistic facilities

• Possessing warehouse industry's most modern security systems

• unsurpassed and peerless racking system

• USDA re-boxing

• Refrigerated rail admittance and passageway for multiple cars at a time

Div-ent Chicago refrigerated warehouse network encompasses clientele -centric production warehouses and market/retail-centric distribution and transportation resources and facilities. Our production warehouses are planed and contrived keeping in mind grower blast freezing and storage related support and assistance in this robust, rugged and vigorous agricultural area; our distribution network, nevertheless, is a high-throughput platform to important marketplaces everywhere in the United States. Chicago ambient warehouse facilities provide millions of cubic feet of frozen/frosted, and refrigerated and general produce and commodities warehousing. Our location in the heart of Chicago sprawl renders better shipment times, while a number of our distribution facilities share an adjacency that presents our clients with the advantages of surge over space to encounter unplanned and unexpected storage requirements.