Andrea Beach

Consultant and Director in Atlanta, Georgia

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Andrea Beach is a global authority in mobile technologies that evoke action from consumers. She is the founder and CEO of BeachFront Technologies, which functions as an outsourced strategic technology, development, and execution arm for major brands and agencies alike. Andrea's knowledge of digital & location-based technologies combined with her understanding of mobile-driven consumer behavior has made her well-known and respected for successfully creating out-of-the-box experiences, driving impressive consumer action for some of the worlds most recognized brands such as Ford, Coca-Cola, NASA, AT&T, UPS, and SONY.

Believing that the future is multiple technologies working in concert to better serve the individual consumer and best position the brand for true one-to-one relationships through hyper-personalization and location-based interactivity, Andrea is regularly quoted as a thought-leader and pioneer in the Tech world.

Through this unique ability to anticipate market trends, Andrea has positioned Beachfront at the forefront of innovation while maintaining a solid set of proven business solutions. She and her team have been globally recognized with numerous awards from Tech Crunch, Corp. Trends Global, Wired Magazine, and was recently named ‘Most Powerful Female Tech Exec’ by Technology Review. Proudly WMBE certified, she also pioneered the first mobile platform capable of sending mobile communications worldwide in over 200 languages and dialects.

Andrea has an extensive track record of providing solutions in the following areas:

• Mobile Communications

• Consumer Engagement

• Location-based technologies

• Platform Development

She also mentors a variety of tech start-ups driving this strategic vision and serves on the board for several leading technology partners backed by Google, PayPal, Apple and others.