Andrea Bolder

Los Angeles, California.

Andrea Bolder, the visionary behind Player Fortunes LLC, is an Olympic Champion, mom of 2 and entrepreneur who has inspired thousands of athletes and modern marketers worldwide to become “Champions In Business”.

Recognizing the need to bridge the gap and ease the transition for athletes facing life after sports, Andrea focused her Internet Marketing expertise into creating newsletters, videos and training programs to teach athletes how to package their value and present it to the world in a way that impacts and helps those who need it most. She has hosted and spoken to thousands at conferences and events, educating athletes and business owners around the world on the power of entrepreneurship.

Player Fortunes was specifically designed to help engage, encourage, and empower athletes to live their absolute best life, stretch their potential to it’s highest peak and turn their gifts into goldmines. Giving athletes the opportunity to claim their fortune off the field…This is What Andrea Does, And This Is What She Loves!

  • Work
    • Founder and Chief Visionairess Player Fortunes LLC
  • Education
    • University of California Los Angeles