Andrea started her first enterprise when she was 24 year old during her study tax law. This is where she became aware and already was respected for her ability to value and engage people in the process of development and personal growth.

Andrea has a passion for people and horses, as an individual but also for the dynamic that manifests itself within a group, team or herd.
Andrea is an experienced facilitator and also designs, develops, and delivers training in both the public and private sectors.

Other than delivering development programmes where horses are her Co-trainers, Andrea facilitated since 2004 over 500 managers, supervisors and employees Excellent Customer Service training and Advanced Sales training.
Andrea has developed programs in bothe the public and private sectors on the topics of Performance Leadership, Change Management, Teambuilding and public workshops Social Media.
Andrea’s approach to training, coaching and facilitating is:
“I am here to help you become more successful”.

Andrea supports an organization by providing a learning experience that is useful, practical and which adds value.

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