Andrea Calabrò

Catania Italy

I am a graduate in Communication Studies with a strong passion for Web Designing and HTML/CSS coding. In remote 1992 I was given the first PC, I did not understand much of that green code, but it was immediately clear to me what I wanted to begin in life. Human-Computer Interaction became my dream, and over time, thanks to decades of experience in the world of open source, I have developed various skills of UX and UI design, in collaboration with various programmers from Europe. The iconography has always been one of my visula "fixations", always looking for clean and sober design, useful basis for the development of better synthesis between Meaning and Signifier. My education has played a preminent influence, giving me those "tools of the trade", essential change to my passion in work! During my studies the passio for the Web sprouts spontaneously. Being born in the era of digital mutation, I find myself living directly the birth and growth of almost all markup languages ​​, starting with the eldest, until you get to the younger ones and evolved ( HTML5 and CSS3 ) . In the time I have gained knowledge of scripting JS, useful for modifying the DOM in a sober , and working more closely with Wordpress, some knowledge of PHP and MySQL. Specialist: HTML & CSS​​, Usability, Web Typography; Passionate: Iconography & Vector, Logos and Brands Identity; Dreaming about: UI & UX Design, Human Computer Interaction (HCI).

  • Work
    • WebDesigner
  • Education
    • Graduate in Science of Communcation