Andrea Canterbury

Central Florida

Hello, stranger. Looking for a little more information on me? Feeling stalkery?

I'm a former journalist with a decade of experience building social communities online, and six years of marketing and communications experience within the corporate and non-profit sector. I graduated with a journalism degree, which only fueled my lifelong passion for writing and correcting grammar.

I love meeting new and interesting people, especially on Twitter. Hobbies? I'm an amateur homebrewer interested in all things Apple and gaming, from tabletop board games to console titles from Bioware. I love blogging and singing song parodies to my daily activities - the shower acoustics are great!

Currently, I work as a freelance journalist and marketing consultant for a couple of outlets around the country on a part-time/remote basis. I am available to you for work if you are hiring for a writer familiar with geek culture and gaming, or simply need to get your social networks in order.

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    • University of Central Florida