Andrea Cardelli


I am a eCommerce & Web Marketing Consultant with a solid background on Search Marketing.

I started off in the on line world between 1985 and 1986 with BBS (Bulletin Board System), then MCLink, then Itapac (a switching electronic network in 1986 that became part of SIP in the early '90s).

In 1992 I was "struck by Internet"! I was in the US and there I realized my path was the Web.

In 1995 I established, a company which aimed to earn commissions on online sales made by its clients: too much for that time. Arca was then bought at 49% by an investment fund owned by Banca Intesa and in the 2001 became Aperion S.p.A., a web agency based in Florence. I still work for Aperion as digital strategist.

I am a consultant and partner for various eCommerce, Editorial and App startups in Italy and abroad. I often have the role of speaker during masters or education courses and I am always educating myself in Italy, abroad and on internet of course.

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