Andrea Cattabriga

Strategic Designer, Maker, and Entrepreneur in Modena, Italia

I'm about open innovation between product design and new manufacturing.

I co-founded Slow/d, where I work on distributed supply chain design, research on new business models for the design industry and supporting companies to develop new product/service strategies, innovative manufacturing processes and sustainable products.

I'm the coordinator at Makers Modena Fab Lab and Fab Lab Terre di Castelli where I push enterprises, institutions and communities toward collaborative development models.

I teach at NABA (Nuova Accademia Belle Arti) in Milan, B.A. in Product Designers, how to hack the market and build an independent and sustainable future for tomorrow’s professionals (Marketing and management class).

I'm frequently invited to speak at several events about strategic and product design, distributed manufacturing, social and open innovation, open design, makers movement, business modeling for the design industry.

I'm really enthusiast about decentralized web / organizations.