Andrea Coderch

Muro de Alcoy, Spain

Hi, my name is Andrea Coderch Valor. I studied Industrial design at Universidad Politécnica de Valencia, in my hometown Alcoy, When I finished I realize I wanted to work with my hands. I started at Alchimia Jewellery School in Florence, with the main idea to do one year and come back home, but I could not, at the end I did the 3 year program under the tuition of Peter Bauhuis y Ruudt Peters.

I love to travel and live with different cultures, learn from them and add this to my way of living, not only to be an experience, to think about the enviorement, reflect and become a better person.

I am photographer amateur (for hobby, not professional at all), I enjoy framing important moments in my life. I love to draw, even though I did not draw for a while (I should practice a bit xD). I met a girl who impress me very much how she see the world and how she interprets by her drawings. When I draw she always comes to my mind...I appreciate the people around me and try to learn from them.

Speaking about the professional field. I do contemporary jewellery while i am founding a small company about accessories and small pieces of jewellery that I started at 2013. Coba Complements, that is how is called, the main characteristic is all the products are done with recover fabric from the industries in my hometown, Alcoy. All the items can be done personalized, all are unique.

For any question, advice, flirtatious do not hesitate and contact me ;)

  • Work
    • Owner at Coba Complements
  • Education
    • UPV (Campus de Alcoy)
    • Alchimia (Firenze)
    • UAA (Aguascalientes)
    • Hiko Mizuno (Tokyo)
    • Moray College (Elgin, Scotland)