Andrea Copegog

Barrie Ontario

I am the type of woman who believes in making each day count and to never stop learning. As human beings, it is our nature to continue our learning skills, try new activities and experience things around us. In my twenties, I have lived all over Canada working as a Personal Support Worker caring for the elderly, being my own woman and doing what I loved, living life! I love learning and trying new things, and with my thirties approaching I knew that I needed more from life and decided a career change and college is the next step. I am currently in my second year at Georgian College, studying the Office Administration Executive program and have been doing extremely well. I am very greatful to have such amazing support from my peers, family and professors that attending school every day is not a chore, it brcomes my main goal and a desire I pursue. I look forward to my future and to see where life takes me over the next couple of years.

  • Education
    • Georgian College
    • Barrie