Andrea Cyr

Saint John, New Brunswick Canada

I’m a lover and a dreamer. More of a be-er than a do-er. Small-scale, peace-lovin’ hippie. Slightly crazy cat lady … I say slightly because “crazy cat lady” is directly determined by the ratio of the number of cats you own to the square footage of your living space. Two cats : 745sqft. I’m on the cusp.

You know the old saying, “been there, done that”? I’m reasonably sure that was written about me. If you were to compose a chronological list of everything I’ve done, you could create 5 completely different resumes which would appear to be for 5 completely different people. I have done everything from driving the lunch truck and selling vacuum cleaners door to door to owning my own business and anchoring the 6 o’clock news. And those are just the things I’ve done professionally. Just for fun, I took up figure skating at 21, marathon running at 31, body building at 34, painting at 36 and acting at 38. It’s been a wild ride so far, and I’m just getting started!

I love, love. All kinds of love. Romantic love. Platonic love. Universal love. Love of friends. Love of family. Love of nature and animals and our beautiful planet. What could be more perfect than pure, unconditional, enchanted love? Learning about love, talking about love, sharing love; that’s what I’m all about.