Andrea Densley

greater Seattle

I am an American-born singer. A few years ago my vocal chord was inadvertently paralyzed after thyroid surgery and I was told I would never sing again, nor speak with much modulation. That was a soul-searching period for me. It was 2-1/2 years of near silence before miracles and medical skills allowed me to once again sing although the vocal chord is still paralyzed.

For Christmas 2012 I released a CD of my singing to reflect my joy in music and reflect my gratefulness to the Savior. And also--I recorded it because the previous year I had learned that I had a cancer nodule nestling next to my healthy, non-paralyzed vocal chord. Surgery was again iminent so I decided to give my best effort to leave a record of my music before that procedure.

Happily, the surgery went amazingly well and I am singing again. Link to the Christmas CD:

My BA degree is from BYU, in fashion design and I market my designs sporadically in my Etsy shop, aVintage. See it at

I’m entering a new season of life and have begun my journey as a singer and inspirational speaker.

Email: [email protected]

  • Work
    • musician, designer, actress
  • Education
    • V.I. Grissom--Huntsville, AL
    • Brigham Young University