Andrea Johnson

The only states I've been in are Nevada and California. I live in California. I like butterflies. And turtles. I can drink milk with anything. I read; I escape my reality by going into one of a fictional character. I easily get restless with everything but people. I love buying sungalsses but rarely wear them. I have asthma. I hate peanut butter and the smell of pickles. I want to buy a blank moleskine but have no idea what I'd fill the pages with, so I haven't. That, and they're too expensive for a book of blank pieces of paper. I wish people had a mute button. Especially when they are within 20 feet from me and I'm trying to watch a movie. I can't wait to teach my son/daughter how to swing. I will learn how to play a piano in my lifetime. Scented candles are amazing. I have super thin hair, and basically invisible eyebrows. My best friend's name is Ann Marie Sanchez. My mom's name is Ann Marie Johnson. I get about 90% of who I am from my dad. I have an older yet shorter sister. She has a huge butt. I wonder what side of the family she inherited that from. I'm Norwegian, Irish, and German. If there was a book definition for a hopeless romantic, my picture would be next to its entry as the ideal example. To say I enjoy my alone time would be an understatement. I sing. All the time, it's what I do. When no one's home I sing at the top of my lungs. I've always wondered if my neighbors have ever heard me. I'm constantly thinking about scenarios I wish were literal in my life, but I'm 99.9% sure won't be. I leave that .1% because I'm one of those people who believe anything is possible. I believe in God. I'm trying to establish a better relationship with him. I get impatient sometimes. Most times actually. That's also something I'm trying to work on. Having more patience. And having better discipline. Better dedication. Better communication skils. Better "dance like nobody is watching, yell like no one can hear you" abilities. I'm not sure what else you'd call that. I'm not sure about a lot of things. Except that I truely believe that we're all here for a reason. Good, bad, ugly, beautiful? Maybe. Destined? Yes. Oh and in case you were wondering (and couldn't tell by the huge banner above) my first/last name is Andrea Johnson. My middle name is Elizabeth. And as I'm writing this, I'm on 6,690th day of life. Lord willing I'll wake up tomorrow and get another one.