Andrea Falcone

Andrea is full of boundless energy, enthusiasm and sports an infectious smile. Whether washing blackboards for the teacher after school or giving her last piece of gum to a fellow colleague, she has always believed in team work and helping others.

While attending the University of Guelph, Andrea had the opportunity to participate in an exchange program travelling to Oxford, England for a semester. After brushing up her “proper” English, she returned back to Canada to complete her Bachelor of Commerce Degree in Hotel & Tourism Management. Right out of University she was recruited into one of Canada’s largest Food Operations’ University Grad Program. After cutting a few fingers (not her own) and burning some lasagna (her own), she realized the kitchen wasn’t her forte. With a knack for convincing people to eat burnt lasagna, a marketing career was born.

Prior to Cubicle Fugitive, Andrea spent several years as a Marketing Manager for a major food services company supporting various locations such as hospitals, colleges & universities, business, industry and leisure venues across Ontario. Andrea enjoys an active lifestyle, playing various sports such as extreme dodgeball, ultimate frisbee, touch football, and slow-pitch. When she has a spare moment in her busy schedule, she enjoys travelling and cozying up to a good book!