Andrea Floridia

Student in Piedmont, Italy

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Nowadays I am a student enrolled in MSc in Computer Engineering (specialization in Embedded Systems) at Politecnico di Torino.

I have always been a curious person, willing to learn something new. Since I was a child, I enjoyed practising sports, fencing and basketball among all. For several years, I have been also an active member in my hometown of the Scout group belonging to AGESCI association. Those years influenced me a lot, and especially transferred me that sense of responsibility with respect to the society we are living in. Probably it is mainly due to those years spent helping other people, enjoying the diversity of our world (in terms of different cultures and understating the nature which surround us), that I did some experiences during my university career which were not strictly related to the engineer world.

Travelling is also one of my biggest passions. This passion started thanks to the influence of my parents, and it grown over the years, especially during the years spent as Scout and during university. One of my biggest achievements, for what concern travelling, is a solo-journey through Ireland in August 2105. I spent almost twenty days backpacking through the entire island by my own.

During the high school, I developed a passion for the world of computer science and for the mathematical courses. After the diploma, I decided to continue my studies, enrolling in a bachelor degree in Computer Engineering. During the years spent in Catania, aside university courses, I have been involved in extra-curricular activities (volunteer in associations such as AIESEC and EESTEC). From these experiences, I gained a better understanding of how to create positive relationships with other people within a team and how organize our efforts to achieve a common goal. Moreover, I really appreciated how is beautiful having the possibility to relate with people coming from different countries all around the world, with different cultures and mind-sets. Since that experience, it is something that I look for in each experience in which I embark. I truly believe that interacting with other people, with a different way of thinking and background it is probably the best way to understand the world and the society we are living in.

  • Education
    • University of Catania, Computer Engineering
    • Polytechnic University of Turin