Andrea Foulke

At the end of this year, I will be graduating with a bachelor's in Professional and Technical Writing with a focus on Computer Science. I've been involved in writing since I can remember - I wrote a series of well-received novellas entitled "Silly Sally" at the ripe age of maybe 7. I've dabbled in creative writing, threw together a little anonymous Tumblr that I could post poetry to, and even did a stint on a couple newspaper staffs in high school. However, I didn't meet my true paramour until I met Microsoft Publisher. Blame the ADHD-PI, but there's something about the orderly, concise, well-tailored document that turns me into some sort of Jedi formatting wizard.

I'm currently expanding my horizons past Ye Olde Publisher (the starter wife of my technical writing journey) while simultaneously attempting to cobble together a cohesive portfolio and round out my competencies in shiny things like C++ and SQL. I also still sometimes write poetry when I'm drinking.

  • Education
    • Youngstown State Uni