Andrea Geeraert

My name is Andrea Geeraert. I am twenty-one years old, I go to school and work full time, and I make a (currently) small, but happy home in a little apartment in Cochrane, AB.

At a young age, I want the opportunity to travel, own a home, have a family, enjoy life. What is the one thing you need lots of to have these opportunities? Money.

Lucky for me, I also enjoy organizational roles, management, adventure, and a 'healthy' amount of risk. I like to be busy, and I have many hobbies and interests. I also love to be around people, and am very committed to my professional and personal relationships. I have a preference for organization, and love to be successful. Finally, I'm a self-development junkie, and I kind of love the idea of discovering 'the unknown.'

When you put this all together, there is only one word that might sum it all up: Entrepreneur.

I am committed to becoming a successful entrepreneur. I am ready to take on challenge, to work hard, to fail and to learn from those failures, to invest in my own development, to accept advice and to offer a valuable product or service in whatever I do. I believe that integrity above all else is important, and that dishonesty will never bring success. I feel that it's important to attend to the needs of ones clients and employees, and I think that an entrepreneur should know when to be assertive and know when to be humble.