Andrea Grazzini

Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States

Andrea Grazzini

Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States


I'm a serial founder, builder and leader in civic engagement and technology.

Some of my thinking has wound up at the White House Office of Social Engagement. One of my wireless location patents may be helping your iPhone find you.

Which helps explain my current role as CEO of WetheP. A for-profit social media start up. Our platform helps real people make real change really happen. with innovative collaboration tools never available before. We're all about less talk, more action!

For more re: my experience, visit my LinkedIn.

You can find a bunch of my essays at DynamicShift, the blog for a cross-sector civil discourse initiative I founded. And, of course WetheP's blog, too. For more compact musings, follow my Twitter. It sometimes gets a bit sassy.

Feel free to take a peak at my Facebook, if you'd like. Fair warning: I can get candid & cheeky there. Maybe dive in one of the debates that pop up. But don't worry, bruising isn't my mission. The end-goal is to weave our way to a slice of common ground -- or somewhere close.

Hey, if you and I don't start doing some 'me to we,' who will? I've got kids I want this world to be a better place for. And a passion for people from all perspectives applying thier potentials. How about you?

Say hello! I bet we can find a shared interest or two...

  • Work
    • Founder & CEO, WetheP, Inc.
  • Education
    • University of St. Thomas
    • Augsburg College